About us

International divorce lawyers

Maria Bowmer and Sabine Imdahl are both experienced divorce and family lawyers with international backgrounds, practicing in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in the world and is a vibrant melting pot of different nationalities and expatriates.

Over the years we have represented many foreign nationals, both living in or outside The Netherlands. Therefore, we are uniquely equipped to handle cases with international aspects. These include cross border disputes regarding marital property, child custody or alimony/ maintenance.

Who we are

Maria Bowmer

Dutch divorce lawyer

Maria is an Irish national and a native English speaker. She moved to The Netherlands at a young age and she studied civil and business law at Leiden University. Maria has been practicing family law for over 20 years and now focuses on divorces for business owners and high net worth individuals. Maria enjoys engaging with clients from all over the world and regularly advises on Dutch law in divorce cases in other countries. She also advises on pre- and post-marital agreements effected in The Netherlands.

Sabine Imdahl

Dutch Divorce Lawyer

Sabine is a German national. She speaks German, English and Dutch fluently. Sabine studied European and civil law at the University of Maastricht and has been practicing law for eight years. She specialises in cross border divorces, focussing on German- and English-speaking clients dealing with divorce issues in The Netherlands, child custody cases and name changes.

Sabine is also a qualified family law (MfN) mediator.

How we work

In our view, a working relationship between client and lawyer doesn’t have to be distant. We work through your problems on both a legal and a human level, so you feel heard. Our pragmatic approach means that we will try and find solutions without neccesarily going to court, while defending your interests to the utmost.

In international cases, one of the most important factors is to determine which law and jurisdiction is applicable to your case. Based on this analysis, we advise whether filing for a divorce in The Netherlands is really the best option. We then explore if there is a basis to proceed with an out of court settlement. If yes, then we negotiate the divorce with your spouse’s lawyer. However, if parties cannot agree, then we will vigorously defend you in court.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. It would be great to hear from you!

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