Maintenance indexation for 2020

Don’t forget to index your maintenance payments for 2020. You are legally obliged to index both child and spousal maintenance each year with an index linked percentage set by the Dutch Government. For 2020, the maintenance indexation percentage has been set at 2.5 %.

Previous percentages

The percentages for the past four years were:

  • 2016: 1.3 %
  • 2017: 2.1 %
  • 2018: 1.5 %
  • 2019: 2.0 %

If you did not index your maintenance payments in the past years, you may be obliged to pay the indexation retrospectively. The maintenance receiver is entitled to reclaim up to five years in arrears. This can add up over time.

You can calculate the correct amount of maintenance using this tool from LBIO (in Dutch). When you fill in the year of your divorce and the original amount of maintenance, it will calculate the amount currently due.

Contact us for advice

Your income may not have gone up by the same percentage as the index. Or you may now be earning less income than when maintenance was originally set. In that case, you may want to check whether your maintenance payment is still correct. At Dutch Divorce Lawyer we would be happy to recalculate your spousal or child maintenance for you. Please contact us for more information:

Maintenance indexation for 2020
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